Heathrow Airport Resource Efficiency Audit


Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) Procurement appointed International Synergies Limited (ISL) to produce a report identifying opportunities to increase the selection and use of sustainable products and services within the Heathrow supply chain, as part of Heathrow 2.0’s commitment to implement sustainable procurement practices.

ISL reviewed strategic suppliers for the potential to increase focus on sustainable products and services, specifically relating to carbon, single use products (SUP) and circular economy (CE), publishing a progress update in 2018. This work also supported the goal of delivering a resource-efficient, zero-waste airport, supporting a more circular economy.

The report reviewed the business models of the strategic suppliers to identify opportunities for further engagement e.g. considering sustainable products and potential for introducing circular economy principles into business activities, the review also considered the resource consolidators (product materials and inventories) and resource aggregators (waste and recyclates flows).

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