System for Waste Enhancement, Evaluation and Tracking (SWEET)


  • Earthly Gains
  • Edoc development team member
  • Alutrade
  • Recycled UK
  • Birmingham City Council


A selected pilot for: Smart waste tracking data collection, storage and reporting service requirement (DEFRA, Innovate UK, GovTech Catalyst, SBRI) competition

The System for Waste Enhancement, Evaluation and Tracking (SWEET) project led by International Synergies demonstrated the feasibility of bringing Environment Agency (EA) and other public data sets together within International Synergies’ award-winning resource management software SYNERGie®. This was to generate a solution that simplifies current data entry processes through big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Auto-population of company details from Companies House (including SIC), postal address file, waste interrogator and other EA data facilitated quality data entry and assisted users with SIC and EWC selection. SWEET also explored the feasibility of an API to enable the transfer/sharing of required data from organisation with existing data systems.

The technical specification for SWEET provided a digital solution that: 

  • Recorded and tracked individual movements of waste through the economy
  • Provided an innovative solution to maximise the value extracted from resources
  • Supported the elimination of waste crime through tracking of waste movements in real time
  • Validated collectors and receivers against registered lists for all sites
  • Captured the UK incoming/outgoing international waste movements to facilitate audit processes

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