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Environment & Recycle Technologies Expo

ISL Chairman, Peter Laybourn, will be speaking at the Environment & Recycle Technologies Expo in Izmir on 10th May 2023

The expo is organised in order to prevent unnecessary use of resources, creating awareness, dissemination of recycling culture in society, waste collected separately at the source and recycled giving back to society, prevention and reduction of waste in the city in order to leave a liveable environment to the next generations on the way to become a resilient city.

Visit the Expo website here.

About the Expo
Our We-Cycle Environment & Recycling Technologies Expo is the result of the concept of ‘circular economy’, which is an example of such a change of mind. We can explain the value of the circular economy only by using the wastes generated due to consumption in production. Therefore, We-Cycle Environment & Recycling Technologies Expo is a great opportunity for us. Many leading companies of the sector such as recycling, production, energy, wastewater and contamination control companies will take part in our expo.

This expo, where waste management, zero waste projects, recycling technologies, environmentally friendly products and applications will be exhibited, is a product of circular thinking. I believe that this beautiful expo will bring many collaborations and agreements, moreover; it will create an awakening awareness.

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