Israeli National Industrial Symbiosis Program


  • 4S


The Israeli Ministry of Economy & Industry recognised the potential for industrial symbiosis to deliver economic and environmental benefits for the Israeli economy, and in 2018 launched a call for pilot projects.

ISL delivered one such pilot in partnership with 4S, an Israeli environmental consultancy specialising in lean manufacturing. The pilots delivered economic and environmental efficiency in order to facilitate Israeli industry’s move toward a sustainable model.

Based on the success of the pilots the Ministry has launched a national industrial symbiosis project to create connections between entities that generate trade in by-products and waste products. ISL provided expert industrial symbiosis consultancy services including a licence for the implementation of our proven methodologies and SYNERGie®4.0 for data logging and analysis supporting the delivery of workshops locally; these capacity building tools combine to assist in the creation and identification of industrial symbiosis opportunities, to build the business case for their advancement, and to advance the project partners from a technical perspective.

The ISL model created the greatest actual impact and identification of potential among the various pilots.

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