Building Capacity on Industrial Symbiosis in Turkey


  • GTE
  • Reengen


ISL  delivered:

a) a three-day training with relevant regional and local stakeholders to develop a strategy for BEBKA’s next stage of implementation, driving successful business engagement and impact, developing regional industrial symbiosis (IS) network and management model for BEBKA Region;

b) conducted study visit with the aim for the provision of knowledge support for development of a regional industrial symbiosis network and management model; c) held conference on industrial symbiosis and a project brokerage event to share the knowledge and experience to larger audience at regional and national level and delivered in Turkey.

The training delivered was a mixture of tailored modularised power-point presentations with guided exercises, and interactive sessions. All sessions had learning objectives explicit at the beginning of the session and a check-in with participants at their conclusion. Although drawing on existing material this training was developed to be bespoke for the Turkey context and more specifically for the industry base of the region.

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