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A leap forward for Micro Anaerobic Digestion (Micro AD)

20th March 2023

International Synergies is delighted that a valued partner (Georgina Bingham) from the days of NISP® is making a wonderful contribution to Micro AD.

What is Georgina's experience in this sector?

Starship Earth is a new company with a revolutionary, affordable, closed loop scheme to produce renewable green energy from Micro AD. A closed loop circular scheme for Anaerobic Digestion has finally been created!

Passionate about AD, food recycling to renewable energy, Georgina is not a new name in the AD sector. Working over the years in feed stock provision to major AD plants in the UK and with major blue-chip companies such as M&S (covering 16 distribution centres in the UK collecting food for recycling from their canteens and shops). John Lewis in Lancashire were pioneers with Georgina in the source separation of food pre prep and leftovers from their canteens (transferring from traditional routes to an AD renewable energy plant). Also looking after schools, colleges, shops, and Nestlé in York.

What has been achieved?

Working on her projects with York University, Georgina has reports for her bag/sack material that demonstrates that any residue in the digestate that will disappear in the soil in less than 180 days.

Looking at the digestate which can be problematic in some areas e.g., high nitrate levels and run off which has been shown to contain plastic residue from the AD process, Georgina again working with York University have produced a pellet with the same calorific value as wood. The technology has transformed the liquid digestate from the AD Plant into solid pellets that could complement existing fuel sources. They have the potential to reduce deforestation in forests across the world.

Georgina’s name for the digestate is Natures Soup © … it can be split into streams … some for fertiliser and some to made into the secondary fuel making the anaerobic digestion process perhaps the only process that can produce a double fuel source.  In addition, a dust has also been made from the digestate pellet that could be a useful input to power stations.

The mix of the pellet addresses another major problematic waste ‘stream fibres.’  Georgina has named the pellets “brown diamonds” a nod to her background growing up in the South Yorkshire coalfields.

What has the outcome been?

As someone who is passionate about finding affordable Micro AD this development has been like finding the Holy Grail for Georgina. Starship Earth now have a Micro AD Plant thanks to a long-standing acquaintance of Georgina producing a workable plant that that is both affordable and ready for the commercial market.

It differs from the traditional AD digesters in that it is costing a lot less and it fits into the size of a tennis court whilst also packing a punch of a healthy 30 kw. The beating heart at the centre of Georgina’s closed loop scheme.

As well as good news for, say farms … the vision is that communities/commercial customers, university campuses (the list is endless), could have their own Starship Earth Anaerobic Digester.  Producing energy and heat on site that they could, for example, potentially use as their own Starship Earth Electricity Vehicle Charging Station ©.  Populating the UK with Micro AD charging stations as well as feeding into the grid or utilising to fuel existing infrastructure would be complementary to municipal digesters thus making an enormous contribution to reducing carbon.

For Georgina it has been a journey, starting with the Grott Box working together with NISP® and for International Synergies we are just delighted to help bring this exciting development to the attention of the broader sustainability community.

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